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OrganicSpa Body Salt Scrub polishes the skin to perfection with this unique infusion of salt crystals & macadamia seed. The scrub will effectively remove dead skin cells & improve circulation. Leaves the skin feeling soft & smooth ready for an application of OS Body Moisturiser or OS Body Butter or OS Nourish Oil.


Specialised ingredients:
Sodium Chloride (Sea Salt) – The granules slough away the dead skin cells. Provides antibacterial & astringent properties which refresh the skin.
Macadamia Seed – The smaller particles help release embedded dirt & dead skin cells, whilst soaking up oil to reveal a brighter, smoother skin.
Jojoba Oil – The oil is light, easily absorbed that mimics the skin’s natural oils.
Macadamia Oil – a skin conditioning agent, helps promote a healthy, supple, nourished complexion. Macadamia oil has a small molecular structure which enables the oil to penetrate the skin on a deeper level for hydration.
Skin Types
Most skin types
How to use
  • In the shower or bath, apply to moist skin.Gently massage all over body, concentrating on dry/flaky areas. Rinse off well after use.
  • Do not apply to the face.

Tips & Tricks

  • Use a small measuring cup (eg: A medicine measuring cup on a cough mixture bottle is a perfect size).
  • Take the small measuring cup into the shower or bath instead of taking the entire tub. This will stop contaminates going into the tub itself & this will ensure less product will be used as it is a measured quantity.
  • OS Body Salt Scrub can be mixed with oil as a carrier. Please do not mix the oil in the entire tub. Take a portion of OS Body Salt Scrub into a bowl & mix with oil. Eg: Almond Oil. Do not place unused product back in the tub as this may contaminate the remaining contents.
  • Follow through with an application of OS Body Moisturiser or OS Body Butter or OS Nourish Oil to dry skin.
  • Store OS Body Salt Scrub upside down in a cool, dry place. This keeps the oil at the top of the product.

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