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A Preview Of Our NEW Enzyme MicroExfoliant

Only available in the “ILLUMINATE COLLECTION PACK”.

Watch out for introductory special for this product coming soon!!!

Enzyme Microexfoliant Key ingredients:
• New introduction to the organiceuticals range, premium
• Salicylic Acid/BHA- New ingredient derived from Wintergreen oil. A keratolyic- increases moisture and dissolves the substance that causes skin cells to stick together, in tune, making it easier to shed the skin cells
• Kaolin- Draws impurities
• Rice powder- physical exfoliant, contains anti-oxidant rich, moisturising
• Papaya extract- eliminates dead cells to stratum corneum without affecting healthy cells. Contains 2% papaya. keratolyic
• Green tea & chamomile- anti-oxidant & anti- inflammatory
• Ylang ylang & Lavendar- Aroma

This fine exfoliating powder will actively awaken the complexion by delicately polishing the epidermis to eliminate impurities & dead skin cells. Combining the enzymatic properties of Papaya with the exfoliant properties of Salicylic Acid this natural, granule-free powder will help brighten,refine & restore the skin’s vitality.

Further details, Please email us or call 0417 280 573

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