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An Overview of Acne, Causes & Treatments – Studio L Face and Body


Acne is the most common skin problem in Australia and other countries, which means most of us will have it at some point in our lives. But even though it’s super common, there are plenty of misconceptions about acne. A better understanding of how it develops will help you successfully treat it.

What Is Acne?

Acne is a chronic inflammatory disease of the skin. At its most basic, acne is a disorder of the pilosebaceous unit or what we typically call the hair follicle or pore.

Acne is characterized by the presence of blackheads or whiteheads, pimples, oily skin, and possible scarring. It can affect the face, neck, chest, back, upper arms, and shoulders.

There are two basic categories of acne:

  1. Non-inflamed acne breakouts consist of microcomedones (blemishes too small to see with the naked eye), blackheads, and milia. These types of blemishes aren’t red or painful. They may not look like your stereotypical acne blemishes, rather just bumps or bumpiness across the skin’s surface or an uneven skin texture.
  2. Inflamed acne is what typically comes to mind when we think acne. Breakouts are red and inflamed. People with inflammatory acne have papules, pustules, and possibly larger, deeper blemishes like nodules and cysts.

Acne varies in development from very mild to extremely severe. You may have only a few blemishes here and there. Acne can also cause redness, swelling, and irritation of the skin, along with possible crusting, oozing, or scabbing breakouts.

Top 5 Things to Know About Acne

Although we don’t know everything there is to know about why some people get acne while others don’t, there are plenty of things we do know about how it develops and what can be done about it.

1.) Acne is caused by three main factors. There are many myths about what causes acne out there. So just know that because you’ve eaten chocolate or touched your face, you haven’t done anything to cause your acne. In fact, there is no precise cause of acne. Rather, it is a result of many factors coming together:

  • We know that people with acne tend to have overactive sebaceous glands—the glands that make our skin’s oil. Acne-prone skin also doesn’t shed dead skin cells as effectively. It also has a higher amount of Propionibacterium acnes—bacteria linked to inflamed acne blemishes—within the pores.
  • Other factors that contribute to acne development include oily cosmetics, comedogenic skin care or hair care products, certain drugs such as steroids, and estrogen medications.
  • Acne also tends to run in families. If your parents had acne at any point in their lives, your chance of developing it is higher.

2.) All breakouts begin as a blocked pore. All acne blemishes form when oil and dead skin cells become trapped within the hair follicle, creating a plug within the pore. This plug of dead cells and oil is called a comedo (plural for comedo is comedones). Blackheads and whiteheads are examples of non-inflamed comedones.

  • As the breakout progress and bacteria invade, the wall of the hair follicle can rupture within the dermis, creating inflammation and redness. Inflamed blemishes vary in severity depending on the damage to the follicle wall and the amount of infection present. Severe damage to the follicle can create deeper lesions and cysts.

3.) Hormones trigger acne development. There’s a reason why acne most often develops during puberty—all those hormones are raging. During puberty, there is a surge of androgen hormones within the body. Androgen hormones, specifically testosterone, significantly influence acne development. They also stimulate the sebaceous glands, creating an oilier complexion and one more prone to breakouts.

  • In addition to puberty, women may see considerable hormonal fluctuations during menstruation, pregnancy, menopause, and perimenopause. During these life phases, acne is most likely to develop or flare up.

4.) Acne can happen at (nearly) any age. We think of acne as being a teenage problem, but that’s not the case at all. Of course, teen acne and preteen acne is common. But acne is not limited to teens. Many men and women have adult-onset acne breakouts. Acne can also occur in babies, toddlers, and children. Basically, if you have skin, you can get acne!

5.) There are many different types of acne. Did you know there are many different forms of acne?

  • Acne vulgaris is the technical term for your typical acne breakouts and it is by far the most common form of acne. It can vary in severity. With mild acne vulgaris, you’ll have just minor blemishes. More inflamed, widespread breakouts are considered moderate acne.
  • Severe acne vulgaris can be broken down even further depending on the type of blemishes present on the skin.
  • A nodular acne is a severe form of acne vulgaris. People with nodular acne have deep, inflamed breakouts called nodules. Nodules affect deeper layers of the skin than typical pimples.
  • Cystic acne is another severe type of acne that causes painful cysts. Acne cysts are different than pimples. Cysts are deep, fluid-filled blemishes that often need to be drained by a dermatologist. Nodulocystic acne is a term used to describe severe acne vulgaris that causes both nodules and acne cysts.
  • Comedonal acne is a type of non-inflammatory acne. Instead of inflamed pimples, people with get blackheads, milia and closed comedones. The skin looks and feels rough and bumpy.
  • Got acne on your back and shoulders where your backpack rests? Or on your forehead under your hat band? You have acne Mechanica. This type of acne develops where there is excess heat, pressure, or friction on the skin. It’s very common for athletes to develop this type of acne where clothing or sports gear rests/rubs.
  • Acne cosmetica is a type of acne that is caused by skin care, hair care, or cosmetic products clogging the pores. Suspect this form of acne if you’ve begun breaking out after starting a new cosmetic product or if you’re breaking out in a specific place (like around your hairline where you apply pomades or Hairspray).
  • Excoriated acne isn’t caused by the factors that trigger acne vulgaris. Rather, excoriated acne is created by picking at blemishes, real or imagined. Occasionally popping pimples doesn’t cause excoriated acne. It develops when the picking becomes compulsive and damages the skin.
  • Acne rosacea is a skin condition that also causes redness and pimples. Unlike acne vulgaris, rosacea appears only across the face (especially the cheeks, nose, and chin) and not on the body. Although we don’t know exactly what causes rosacea, doctors speculate it may be the result of a bacterium, microscopic mite, or simply sensitive capillaries.

There are many other skin conditions besides acne that also cause pimples or red, bumpy skin. If you’re not absolutely sure what you’re dealing with is common acne, a trip to the beauty therapist is a good idea.

Acne Treatment

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is also used to treat acne, acne scarring, facial changes of rosacea, including redness and broken blood vessels. IPL may be used for these changes on the forearms, hands, neck and chest as well. It is safe and considered non-invasive.

Advanced Skin Needling treatment is a clinical treatment that aids with fine lines, sun damage, stretch marks, scarring, acne (early stages), blackheads, whiteheads, and congestion. The only 100% natural, no heat (can treat any skin colour), painless, fast, effective salon treatment with proven scientific results.

A Word From Studio L

Acne is a complex problem, but one we are learning more about every day. While there is no cure, nearly every case of acne can be cleared successfully. Your first step should be a trip to the beauty therapist. A beauty therapist can give you the right treatment that fit for you but also give you plenty of tips and tricks to help clear your skin

But stick with it! With the right skin care, a bit of time, and consistent treatment, your acne can be cleared.

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NEW OrganicSpa Soak Therapy and Benefits

Soak Therapy Images8

( Source: OrganicSpa Blog )

What is Soak Therapy?

We all need to take a moment to unwind… the dream of a bath soak to indulge yourself is a cure for all your daily stress and fatigue. Organicspa have thoughtfully developed Soak Therapy to transport you to a truly exotic spa-like experience in the convenience of your home with Epsom and Pink Himalayan Salt combined with organic Rose and Hibiscus petals to help soften the skin, soothe aching muscles, and eliminate toxins. With the unique blend of organic Frankincense, Ylang-Ylang and Rose oil this fusion will arouse the senses and turn bath time into an aromatic journey. Discover why this jar has the powers to relax even the most stressed bodies with understanding the ingredients organicspa combined to dissolve in the bath.

Soak Therapy Images6

NEW Bath Soak Ingredients

Epsom Salts
The wonders of Epsom salt have been well known for hundreds of years for its beneficial properties that soothe body, mind & soul. Epsom salt is not actually salt but a naturally occurring pure mineral compound of magnesium & sulphate.
Stress drains the body of magnesium & increases levels of adrenaline. When dissolved in warm water, Epsom salt is absorbed through the skin. It then replenishes the level of magnesium in the body that helps to produce serotonin, a mood-elevating chemical within the brain that creates a feeling of calm & relaxation.
The sulphates in Epsom salt help flush toxins and heavy metals from the cells, easing muscle pain & helping the body to eliminate harmful substances. Your skin is a highly porous membrane & adding the right minerals to your bathwater triggers a process called reverse osmosis, which actually pulls salt out of your body, and harmful toxins along with it.Epsom salt softens skin and will even neutralize foot odour. Bathing with Epsom salt helps you to
look better, feel better and gain more energy.

Himalayan Pink Salt
This amazing salt is renowned for its detoxifying qualities. It draws out heavy metals and toxins from the body. How does it detox skin? By driving out grime, dirt, pollution and bacteria from deep within the pores. This enables skin to remain clean and pure, which prevents breakouts. It also assists establishing & balancing the proper pH of the skin & neutralising bad odours.

Organic Rose & Hibiscus Petals
The sensual & flowery infusion of rose & hibiscus will make your skin stay hydrated, soft and glowing. Hibiscus is naturally rich in malic & citric acid to provide natural exfoliation & speed up cell turnover, resulting in a more even skin-tone. It also provides an intense boost in moisture & also helps the skin to maintain moisture due to its high mucilage content. Rose, is hydrating, high in antioxidants, excellent for reducing redness and inflammation and smells divine!

Soak Therapy Images5

How to use:

To experience a detoxifying bath & the numerous health benefits, sprinkle 1-2 handfuls of organicspa Soak Therapy into the water, stirring until dissolved into to a warm bath & soak for at least 12 minutes. Why not try organicspa’s home care mask for your face such as cream mask, clay mask or gel mask for the ultimate indulgence while soaking.

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Did You Know

Can Alternative Cleansing Cleanse Your Skin?


Cleansing is a billion-dollar industry, and the twice per day, or three-advance routine still reigns in many individual regimens. In any case, how beyond any doubt that it is the correct way? Cleansing the face is an imperative advance in any regimen for healthy skin, and it is vital to the spa as a major aspect of most treatments as well as a component of home care program.

What is Facial Cleansing?

Facial cleansing primarily removes dirt and epithelial debris from the skin’s surface but can be so much more. Inadequate cleanse helps maintain skin barrier functions and assists routines designed for acne, anti-aging, and men’s skincare. Let’s take a good look at latest cleaning technology, understand some innovative formulation concepts, learn some characteristics of more complex cleansers and reviewing how cleansers work.

Alternative Facial Cleansing

Soaps, Sebum, and Dirt

Soaps – a group of products including cleansers, are agents with the primary purpose of removing dirt from skin. Some dirt is oily in itself, but all dirt that has accumulated on the skin is oily due to its combination with sebum.

Sebum – an oily substance containing many different lipids (oils). The lipids of sebum are designed to help support the skin’s acid mantle and maintain its pH of about 5, fortify the skin barrier, provide moisturization and help make the skin impermeable to water. Sebum is a key player in the skin’s job of “keeping things out and keeping things on.” Important fats composing a healthy skin barrier include ceramides, cholesterol, and free fatty acids 2. Since the skin’s surface is in itself oily, oily dirt sticks to it and is difficult to remove without the special help of soaps or cleansers.

Accumulated dirt mixed with sebum would naturally stick to skin and remain there. This material also contains cells that have been shed in the natural process of exfoliation. The soaps and cleansers remove dirt and epithelial debris and wash it away to clean the skin. Cleansers consist of molecules with a lipid-soluble end that dissolves in oil and other water-soluble ends that dissolves in water. These two ends of the molecule are called lipophilic (lipid or oil-loving) and hydrophilic (water-loving). The oil-loving portion of this molecule attracts and dissolves the oily dirt on the skin surface. When water is added during the rinsing process, the water combines with the water-loving end of the molecule and the dirt is washed away down the drain. Inadequate addition of water will allow a residue of dirt to remain on the skin. All cleansers or soaps work in this same way.

The skin should always be cleansed twice as much does not always equal twice as good every night due to high outdoor pollutants in the air during the day, makeup, and oil, etc.

But before you skip out on one of your cleanse there are a few questions to ask like, How much is enough to clean the skin? Have I got the right cleanser? Be aware of your skin type, because it changes with time. Avoid scrubs if you have sensitive skin, the cleansing wipes are gentle and do just as good a job as washing with water.

Should I do this as the daily routine?

Give your skin time to adjust to a single cleanse and see what happens. Observe if you think your skin needs it, you can go back to twice a day.

What about double cleansing?

This refers to washing your face twice in a single session to get rid of all the dirt, so won’t affect how many times a day you decide to wash your face. I suggest that be aware of that over cleansing because it can dry skin, so if you don’t need it, don’t do it.

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Did You Know

Sunless Tanning vs. UV Tanning: Which Is Better?


The tanning trend does not seem like it’s going away any time soon. As long as media and popular culture extols bronzed, glowing, and radiant sun-kissed complexion, people will continue to explore and experiment with different methods and products for tanning, whether these are natural procedures or more synthetic alternatives.




What it is: Of course, the most natural tan would come from the most natural source, and that is sunlight. People who live close to the beach often lay out under the sun, soaking up the rays and working on their tans. Those who do not live close to the water can opt for backyard pools or even just sunbathing in their yard or roof deck.

Cost: Unless you are flying to some beach resort every weekend just for some sunbathing, this is the most cost-effective. If you have a big outdoor area where you can lay out under the sun, sunbathing is free.

Safety: Too much sun exposure can lead to skin cancers, malignant melanoma, wrinkles, spots, and excessive drying. has an in-depth article that discusses the link between Melanoma and sun exposure.

Tan longevity: This natural tan can last a week to 10 days depending on your lifestyle and maintenance.


Tanning beds

What it is: A popular form of sunless tanning, these tanning beds use synthetic UV rays to produce the same skin pigmentation as sunbathing.

Cost: Sessions can range from as low as $20 per session, to as high as $50 per use. There are different levels and intensities of tanning beds available. Usually, tanning salons offer memberships or packages for multiple tanning bed sessions.

Safety: Studies have shown that the UV rays in tanning beds are not much different from natural sunlight as far as potential skin damage is concerned. If you space out your tanning bed visits, don’t spend too much time in the tanning bed and consider using a tanning bed tanning lotion, you should be fine. It is certainly worth noting that the World Health Organization has issued an official statement indicating that tanning beds do contribute to an increased risk in Melanoma.

Tan longevity: Tanning bed results last up to 10 days at most, so maintenance visits are generally necessary.

spray tan

Spray Tanning

What it is: DHA-based tanning solutions are applied all over the body to produce
pigmentation. Most tanning salons offer spray tan booths, and many are now also offering airbrush tanning for more even, controlled results.

Cost: Spray tan sessions cost between $25-$50 per session on the average, while airbrush tanning usually start at $50 per session.

Safety: Spray tan solutions have been approved for external application, however, spray tans have not been approved for safe ingestion. To keep yourself protected, make sure your eyes, nose, mouth, hands are adequately protected while being sprayed or airbrushed. If inhaled, there is the potential for damage to your DNA. The findings are still preliminary, but I just want to keep you informed :-).

Tan longevity: Most spray tanning results usually last about a week, after which it starts to fade and you have to follow up with another session.


Self Tanners

What it is: DIY tanning products such as tan sprays, bronzers, lotions, creams,
mousse, gel and other products for achieving tanned, youthful skin.

Cost: Self tanning products can set you back as low as $7-$9, and as high as $70
(many more expensive).

Safety: Arguably the safest because they minimize sun exposure, but self tanners should not be abused or overused.

Tan Longevity: One week is the average time for results. Careful maintenance can prolong the color you achieve.


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