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Stress and Your Skin

Stress is common amongst all of us and is inevitable! But how you react to it can spell the difference between illness and health and tipping the balance away from frustration and into fulfilment. So when it comes to skin problems, tactical balance is your new best friend. Life happens but it doesn’t have to show on your skin.

Physiologically, it works like this –

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Scrub Winter Away: Free Body Salt Scrub

Grab a FREE Body Salt Scrub When you order over $99+ of any OrganicSpa Products!!! Available in Salon.

Spend $99* Receive Body Salt Scrub FREE!!!

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Body Salt Scrub is designed for All skin types. Polishes the skin to perfection with this unique and sophisticated formula that effectively remove dead skin cells & improve circulation.

What’s inside?

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Featuring- Organicspa Body Salt Scrub: ACO Certified

OrganicSpa Body Salt Scrub polishes the skin to perfection with this unique infusion of salt crystals & macadamia seed. The scrub will effectively remove dead skin cells & improve circulation. Leaves the skin feeling soft & smooth ready for an application of OS Body Moisturiser or OS Body Butter or OS Nourish Oil.

Specialised ingredients:
Sodium Chloride (Sea Salt) – The granules slough away the dead skin cells. Provides antibacterial & astringent properties which refresh the skin.

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Shellac vs Gelish (Comparison by a Studio L)

Many of you readers will of heard of both products, Shellac and Gelish, but after all the big question is which is best? Below I am going to explain and attempt to weigh out the pro’s and con’s of both systems and try to make it easier for you to come to a conclusion yourself over which is better for your clients and your nails personally.

The differences:

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