Terms & Conditions

At Studio L we’re always thinking about our clients and figuring out the best way to ensure client satisfaction. That’s why we need to have a clear policy, to ensure that salon time runs smoothly and you, along with everyone else, get the skin treatment you pay for.


Arriving on time, or 5 minutes before your appointment, ensures that you don’t miss a single minute of your treatment. As a courtesy, we can’t keep others waiting for their skin care, just as you wouldn’t like to be kept waiting!


To our Valued Guests

Your appointments are very important to us. The time allocated for an appointment is reserved especially for you. We realize that sometimes you need to adjust your schedule, therefore, We respectfully request at least 24 hours notice for adjustments to your appointments and for any cancellations.

It is so important to a small business like mine that cancellation happens within a reasonable amount of time. We would thank you for your consideration of our 24-hour cancellation policy. Our booking policy doesn’t only protect our business, but also affects our affordability and ensures fair treatment to all our clients.

Please book carefully. No-shows and last-minute cancellations means that other clients cannot book into that time slot and it wastes the time for everyone. Sometimes you may be asked to pay a deposit for the booking, this can be one online through the booking app.

We understand that sometimes bookings need to be changed, so you will be allowed to change your booking as long as you give us 24 hours notice. Your deposit can either be refunded or held for your next booking.

If it is within 24 hours and you cannot attend your appointment, you may either send a friend or family member to take your slot, or forfeit your deposit.

Messages left on Sundays or public holidays will only be regarded as lodged the morning of the next business day.