Mineral Goddess Body Shimmer Net 8g



Golden Tone
Golden Sun

Kylie’s Professional Mineral Goddess Sunkissed Bronzer and Golden Sun Body Shimmer both give a magical glow to your complexion, make you look and feel uplifted and bright! Sunkissed Mineral Goddess Bronzer is suitable on all skin tones; it has a subtle sheen to keep you looking bronzed and summery all year round. Golden Sun, Mineral Goddess Body Shimmer is bright and sparkly, perfect for those girls who really want to shimmer and dazzle.

Colour Descriptions
Golden Brown with a definite shimmer to dazzle with

This beautiful product can be worn on the eyes, cheek bones, collar bones, chest or anywhere you like. Apply by Dusting over the desired area. Brush on the face or body with #2 Mineral Goddess Powder Brush. You may even mix this product with your favorite moisturiser to create a beautiful aluminizing body or highlighting moisturiser


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