Mineral Goddess Colour Correctors




Mint Green Corrector
Purple Lavender Corrector
Peachy-orange Corrector
Yellow-Amber Corrector


Kylie’s Professional Mineral Goddess Cream Colour Correctors

Cream Colour Correctors with a smooth consistency for easy blending and a rich, dense texture that gives ultimate coverage while still looking silky and natural. The combination of light-reflecting minerals makes the skin look smoother, draws attention away from dark circles, and diffuses tiny lines. This concealer/corrector never looks cakey, it will cover dark circles around the eyes, conceal freckles, blemishes, birthmarks, broken capillaries and even tattoos. Containing Jojoba oil and Shea Butter this mineral cream colour corrector will prevent dryness and present an even flawless complexion.

Colour Descriptions

Colour Correcting

Mint: Fades Reds

Lavender: Fades Yellows

Peach: Fades blue – green

Amber: Fades purple – blue

Petal: Fades greens

Application Tips

Kylie’s Professional Mineral Cream Colour Correctors have a smooth consistency for easy blending and a rich, dense texture that gives full coverage. Use a small amount of product and with your concealer brush, stipple onto the skin. Apply product to the problem areas that need concealing/correcting. Use your ring finger to smooth and blend the edges, the warmth from your finger will melt the product into the skin. Lightly apply foundation powder over the top to set.


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