Mineral Goddess Cream Foundation




Enchant - Pale Ivory
Heaven - Cream
Delicate - Pale rose
Pure - Light Beige
Angel - Beige
Aphrodite - Darker Beige
Wonder - Light Chocolate
Divine - Milk Chocolate
Cocoa - Dark Chocolate

Kylie’s Professional Mineral Goddess Luxury Cream Foundation
This is a beautiful skincare and foundation, all-in-one product. It gives a sheer to full coverage and suits all skin types, with extra benefits for dry or mature skin. It has hydrating, healing and anti-aging properties.

Able to be worn by itself for a dewy look or set with Kylie’s Ultra fine, Xtra-matt setting powders.


ENCHANT – Very pale-ivory for extremely fair complexions

HEAVEN – Soft rose-tinged cream

DELICATE – Soft pale-pink

PURE – Soft Pale-apricot

ANGEL – Deeper pale-apricot

APHRODITE – Apricot-tan

WONDER – Light chocolate-brown

DIVINE – Almond chocolate-brown

COCOA – Dark chocolate

Application Tips

Apply with Luxury vegan Brush number #3 or #1. You may also use a sponge or with clean fingertips for personal use. Apply to the face where needed and blend as you go. May be worn without setting or set with Kylie’s Professional setting powder. For extra coverage you can apply Kylie’s Professional Mineral Foundation over the top.

The colour- match with your favourite Kylies Loose foundation should be the same name but may vary if you fluctuate between two colours.
The order from lightest to darkest is:
Enchant, Heaven, Delicate is in between Delicate and Angelic powder, Pure, Angel, Aphrodite, Wonder is in between Wonder and Venus powder, Divine, Coco


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