Mineral Goddess Eye and Lip Primer



Kylie’s Professional Mineral Goddess Eye and Lip Primer
A must have product if you love to be bold. This Primer will make your eye shadow look more intense and helps achieve even longer lasting results on both eyes and lips! You may also mix this versatile product with our Eye Shadows to create glamorous liquid eyeliners or lip liners.

Colour Descriptions
A white cream that dries clear

Application Tips
For Eyes: Apply to eyelids with Concealer brush #7 or #11 after your foundation base is complete. Then simply press your favourite Mineral Goddess Eye Shadows to your eyelids and blend the edges of the Eye Shadow. You can also use this primer to keep your brows neat and tidy; simply brush Eye & Lip Primer along your eyebrows. Leave your brows Natural or apply matt Mineral Goddess eyeshadow to the brows for a defined look. Flat angle brushes #9 or #13 are excellent for defining the brows.

For Lips: To achieve that long lasting effect, apply a fine coat of Eye & Lip Primer to lips, allow the Primer to dry and then apply your favourite Mineral Goddess Lipstick, Creamy Lips or even the red-hued Eye Shadows to your lips!


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