Mineral Goddess Eye Pencils




Black Mineral Eyeliner Pencil
Dark Brown Mineral Eye Pencil
Tigers Eye

Kylie’s Professional Mineral Goddess Liners are both natural Eye and Lip pencils with a rich and creamy consistency. They effortlessly glide on without dragging the delicate skin around the eyes and are smooth across the lips. They are soft and safe for sensitive eyes and skin, containing certified organic waxes and oils.

Eyes and lips will stay defined and glamorous using these liners.

Our eye and lip liners are made in Germany
Our natural formulations are unique and are custom made for Kylie’s Professional only

Colour Descriptions

NIGHT – deep rich creamy black

TIGERS EYE – creamy, rich bronze-chocolate brown

Apply Mineral Goddess Eyeliner Pencil across the top and bottom lash lines, and then gently set the liner with a dust of your Mineral Goddess eye shadow using your Mineral goddess #13 Angle Liner/Definer Brush.


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