Mineral Goddess Eyelash Primer



Kylie’s Professional Mineral Goddess Eyelash Primer and Mascaras!

Sadly, many people cannot wear eye makeup because their eyes react badly to chemicals in the products. Kylie’s whole range was created to cater to those with sensitive skin and the eye products are no exception. You too can have beautiful lashes naturally with these Mineral Goddess eye products. These products work in harmony with each other to give amazing results that will not irritate sensitive eyes.

Mineral Goddess Eyelash Primer will help create longer, thicker lashes fast and is a must have product if you love dramatic, sexy lashes.

Colour Descriptions
Mineral Goddess Eyelash Primer dries white

Apply Mineral Goddess Eyelash Primer liberally, it goes on white then sets, thickening the lashes. Let the primer set for a minute then apply one or two coats of Mineral Goddess Mascara or Xtreme Runway Waterproof Mascara. The result will be longer thicker more glamorous lashes!

Makeup Artist’s love to use our Mascara with a fine brush and paint it on as a liquid eye liner for dramatic effects!

Xtreme Runway Waterproof Mascara must be applied quickly as it dries fast.


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