Mineral Goddess Loose Foundation Net. 8g




light to light/yellow, warm
Very Fair, pink natural
Very fair, pink, Natural
 very fair, yellow - warm, natural
light, yellow/ warm
light - medium, neutral
Very fair, creamy yellow, warm natural
light - medium, neutral and natural
light-medium, yellow/warm
medium, natural/neutral
medium, yellow/warm
Medium-dark, natural and warm
medium-dark, yellow/warm, neutral
dark, natural and warm
dark, warm yellow, natural
darkest brown, warm
Dark, warm and naturalAllure

Mineral Goddess loose foundation
These loose foundations provide a smooth and airbrush like finish. This foundation is so versatile it suits all skin types and age groups. With its fast and easy application it is perfect for everyday use. The highly concentrated pigments and non-glittery properties make these foundations a sound choice for photo shoots and everyday use. Use it wet or dry for sheer or full coverage – you’ll love the healthy, ever-youthful appearance your skin will achieve.

Mineral Goddess Foundations are gentle, long lasting, non-clogging, healing, water resistant and naturally have a high SPF. With 16 Foundation shades that have been carefully formulated to suit a broad variety of skin tones, makeup artists and consumers alike are thrilled with our range of Mineral Goddess Foundations.


Cherish (Very fair/pink/natural) for very fair cooler to neutral complexions

Delicate (fair/pink/natural) for fair cooler to neutral complexions

Angelic (light/med/natural/neutral) for light to medium complexions with a pinker or neutral undertone

Goddess (light/med/neutral) for light to medium complexions with a pinker or neutral undertone

Faith (medium/natural/neutral) for medium complexions with a pinker or neutral undertone

Arial (med/dark/neutral) for medium tanned complexions with a pinker or neutral undertone

Sacred (dark/warm/Natural) for dark complexions with yellow or neutral undertones

Allure (dark/warm/Natural) for dark complexions with caramel undertones

Cocoa (dark/brown/Natural) for dark complexions with yellow red black or neutral undertones

Enchant (Very fair/yellow/warm/natural) for very fair milky to creamy complexions

Pure (fair/yellow/warm/natural) for fair creamy complexions

Heaven (light to light/yellow/warm) for light creamy yellow complexions with yellow undertones

Angel (light/yellow/warm) for light creamy complexions with soft yellow undertones

Aphrodite (Popular for fake tan’s & Asian skin) (light/medium/yellow/warm) for light to medium creamy complexions with yellow undertones

Wonder (great for fake tan) (medium/yellow/warm) for medium golden tanned complexions with yellow undertones

Venus (great for fake tan) (med/dark//yellow/warm/natural) for medium tanned complexions with warm or neutral undertones

Divine (great for fake tan) (dark/natural warm) for dark tanned complexions with yellow or neutral undertones


Always use a soft vegan brush for foundation application as spiky animal hair brushes may irritate the skin.

Kylie’s Professional Mineral Goddess Foundations may be brushed on dry, sponged on wet or mixed with your moisturiser or oil to create a Liquid Foundation. If you need completely waterproof makeup for swimming or even underwater photo-shoots that will last for hours apply Mineral Intensity ‘Transformer’ under your Mineral Goddess Foundation.

Dry application

Tap your Kabuki brush or your Mineral Goddess #1 Long Handle Pro Kabuki brush into the lid of your Mineral Foundation, remove and tap or shake your brush over the lid to remove excess powder. Brush, dab and blend over the face evenly. Two fine coats are always better than one thick one. Let the Foundation settle. You may then use a stippling, pressing motion using your Kabuki or fingertips to ensure you have blended your Foundation into your skin. If you miss the area under the bottom lash line or you notice an area on the face that needs more concealing, press some more loose mineral foundation into the area with a concealer brush, then blend the product into the skin.

Wet application

If you prefer to use a fluid foundation you may mix our Mineral Goddess Powder Foundation with a moisturiser or oil. The consistency will be the same as a traditional fluid foundation. Once mixed apply it with #17 Mineral Goddess Foundation Primer brush or a makeup sponge. Blend, press and stipple into the skin. For a heavier coverage, lightly dust loose mineral foundation over the top. For that photo finish look, apply a dusting of ‘Forever’ Setting Powder.


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