Organicspa Enzyme Microexfoliant 110gm


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invigorate, polish, revitalise

This fine exfoliating powder will actively awaken your complexion by delicately polishing the epidermis to eliminate impurities & dead skins cells. Combining the enzymatic properties of Papaya with the exfoliant properties of Salicylic Acid this natural granule-free powder will help brighten, refine & restore the skin’s vitality.

Skin: most skin types

Enzyme Microexfoliant Key ingredients:

• New introduction to the organiceuticals range, premium
• Salicylic Acid/BHA- New ingredient derived from Wintergreen oil. A keratolyic- increases moisture and dissolves the substance that causes skin cells to stick together, in tune, making it easier to shed the skin cells
• Kaolin- Draws impurities
• Rice powder- physical exfoliant, contains anti-oxidant rich, moisturising
• Papaya extract- eliminates dead cells to stratum corneum without affecting healthy cells. Contains 2% papaya. keratolyic
• Green tea & chamomile- anti-oxidant & anti- inflammatory
• Ylang ylang & Lavendar- Aroma


Note* : If you plan to travel with this product, to ensure that don’t have small remnants of the powder throughout the toilet bag, please keep the wad (protective seal) and replace this under the cap to transport. Alternatively, use the eco-friendly cling wraps such as those made from sugarcane. Again, place this over the top of the bottle (under the cap), replace the cap and secure tightly.




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