Xtreme Runway Water-resistant Mascara




Kylies Professional Xtreme Runway, Water-resistant Mascara. 

For extreme conditions or those occasions when the highest quality results and staying power are essential.
To create a product for extreme conditions some ingredients that are non-natural are used however this is still a safe, Vegan Product.

Colour Descriptions
This is a deep rich black

Application Tips
Apply Mineral Goddess Eyelash Primer liberally, it goes on white then sets, thickening the lashes. Let the primer set for a minute then apply one or two coats of Mineral Goddess Mascara or Xtreme Runway Water-resistant Mascara. The result will be longer thicker more glamorous lashes!
Many Makeup Artist’s also love to use our Mascara with a fine brush and paint it on as a liquid eye liner for dramatic effects!

Xtreme Runway Water-resistant Mascara must be applied quickly as it dries fast.


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